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Rejuva assesses eligibility and assists patients with a history of treatment-resistant mental health afflictions make application to Health Canada for exemption under the Special Access Program 

Rejuva receives its patients through medical-and self-referrals. All patients are required to provide the clinic with consent to access their full medical history. Upon receipt of consent, the Clinic’s medical professionals conduct a cursory review of the patient’s historical medical records to determine likelihood of eligibility for individual Special Access Program. 

Following cursory assessment and determining likelihood of Health Canada approval for exemption, patients are scheduled for [a] one-on-one session[s] with the Clinic’s Chief Medical Director for further assessment, to explore and discuss in detail available alternatives available to the patient and determine the most appropriate path forward for patients.

The mental well-being of patients is paramount in all we do. Following a mutual agreement between patients and medical staff on the best path forward, Rejuva will either facilitate a patient’s application process for Special Access Program exemption or refer the patient for other treatment options.

If it agreed that the best path forward is to proceed with an application for exemption, Rejuva’s medical professionals will facilitate the application process on behalf of the patient.  Pending approval by Health Canada, Rejuva will ensure that the mental health needs of all patients continue to be addressed.  This could be by providing continued one-on-one sessions, or through referral to another appropriate registered mental health professional.  When and if approval for exemption is received from Health Canada, Rejuva will connect patients with therapists trained in psilocybin-assisted therapy. If patients are determined ineligible for legal access to psychedelic-assisted therapy, Rejuva will refer patients for alternative treatments.